Supply USDC to Aave contract in order to get aUSDC


hey, I am looking to integrate Aave into my app, I want supply USDC to Aave DeFi contract in order to get aUSDC, can anyone assist me!? I am using fireblocks-defi-sdk, do I need to implement approve method from ERC-20 contract?

Answers 1

You can supply USDC into to Aave and receive the equivalent aUSDC by calling the `supply()` [function ]( the Pool contract. You need to already have USDC in your wallet. The documentation shows you will need e.g. ``(`usdcAddress`, `usdcAmount`, `addressToReceiveATokens`, `referralCode`) To call `supply(),` the Aave pool contract should be able to move your tokens on your behalf, otherwise the contract can't supply your tokens. So you must `approve()` (or `permit `for Aave v3) the contract to supply your tokens first. `Approve() `is a function from any ERC20 token so you can use that.