Aave Staking Mechanisms: APR changes based on the global staked Aave


From what I understand about staking mechanisms, one can stake Aave via chain markets and check the APR before unstaking in the Stake tab. However, I'm not entirely sure if my understanding is correct.

So, my question is: Can someone please confirm if my understanding of staking Aave is correct? Specifically, I believe that the APR changes based on the global staked Aave, daily emission, and community guessing. Additionally, if one chooses to borrow, they can put their staked Aave as collateral, with details on max TVL available on the market tab.

Any clarification or additional information on the staking mechanisms for Aave would be greatly appreciated.

Answers 1

Staking is limited to the ETH network, while Aave can be utilized as collateral on both ETH and other networks. However, staked Aave cannot be used as collateral since it is held in the safety module. In the future, once GHO is deployed, it will be feasible to borrow GHO at a reduced cost (in USD stable) provided one has AAVE staked.