How to fix "Skipping the deployment" Aave v3 error?


I was trying to deploy the core contracts using the aave-v3-deploy repo. I am using a custom network for the deployment. Unfortunately, faced the following error:

[Deployments] Skipping the deployment of UiPoolDataProvider due missing constant chainlinkAggregatorProxy configuration at ./helpers/constants.ts

The address of the UiPoolDataProvider is required for the deployment of the front end (aave interface) and thus, could not deploy it the front end

Anyone can help?

Answers 1

The constructor of this contract requires you to pass in the price feeds for the network base token (ETH, MATIC, etc.) and market base token (token which price feeds for your market are based in such as ETH or USD). You can use this as a reference, or you could pass in zero addresses and baseCurrencyInfo would be blank and need to be hardcoded or handled separately on your frontend;