Supply USDC to Aave contract in order to get aUSDC


hey, I am looking to integrate Aave into my app, I want supply USDC to Aave DeFi contract in order to get aUSDC, can anyone assist me!?

I am using fireblocks-defi-sdk, do I need to implement approve method from ERC-20 contract?

Answers 1

You can supply USDC into to Aave and receive the equivalent aUSDC by calling the supply() function in the Pool contract. You need to already have USDC in your wallet. The documentation shows you will need e.g., usdcAmount, addressToReceiveATokens, referralCode)

To call supply(), the Aave pool contract should be able to move your tokens on your behalf, otherwise the contract can't supply your tokens. So you must approve() (or permit for Aave v3) the contract to supply your tokens first. Approve() is a function from any ERC20 token so you can use that.