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Hello, I was monitoring liquidation candidates by calling getUserAccountData for certain accounts and found that I didn't detect this liquidation (https://etherscan.io/tx/0x56acf70e2bf4ae1779f99675d4d2e5bf7fee457510fa4917ecf5d78326384797)

So I set hardhat forking blockNumber 15259266 (right before the liquidation) and called getUserAccountData and the healthFactor was 0x0df199acabb5ef6d (about 1.004). How did this account got liquidated? What did I miss?

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That liquidation was submitted to flashbots as a bundle along with the chainlink oracle price update that most likely dropped the price of that account's collateral and hence reduced his health factor below 1. Just guessing here, and haven't verified all details; but this is pretty standard.