How to retrieve users info on Aave v2?


hi, I want to retrieve users info on Aave v2. The docs suggests that I can keep track of the events. Where can I find a comprehensive list of all the events affecting the health factor of a user?

So far I've found:

AAVE_DEPOSIT_SIG = "0xde6857219544bb5b7746f48ed30be6386fefc61b2f864cacf559893bf50fd951" AAVE_BORROW_SIG = "0xc6a898309e823ee50bac64e45ca8adba6690e99e7841c45d754e2a38e9019d9b" AAVE_REPAY_SIG = "0x4cdde6e09bb755c9a5589ebaec640bbfedff1362d4b255ebf8339782b9942faa" AAVE_WITHDRAW_SIG = "0x3115d1449a7b732c986cba18244e897a450f61e1bb8d589cd2e69e6c8924f9f7" AAVE_LIQUIDATION_CALL_SIG = "0xe413a321e8681d831f4dbccbca790d2952b56f977908e45be37335533e005286" AAVE_SWAP_SIG = '0xea368a40e9570069bb8e6511d668293ad2e1f03b0d982431fd223de9f3b70ca6'

but for example: what does it happen when someone repays with collateral?

Answers 1

The first 5 events are all you need. Repay with collateral and collateral will perform the supply/borrow/repay/withdraw transactions under the hood so events will be already be emitted for these. You can also check out the protocol subgraphs which is are GraphQL endpoints created from indexing these events:

More info.