What will happen if the address of the Aave pool changes?


Hi everyone! I work with aave through a smart contract. My contract should be able to borrow money for a period of time, and then return them. Now, before every pool action, I run this command to get the current pool:

aavePool = IPoolAddressesProvider(aavePoolAddressesProvider).getPool()

Answers 1

In aave protocol, the pool contract is deployed behind upgradeable proxy. So, if the pool contract is updated, only the pool implementation contract address changes while the address of the proxy stays same. Thus, the address returned by getPool won't really change and there will be no issue with the integration. The only time you could face a problem is if new pool implementation is not backward compatible. But Aave governance would probably try to pass backward compatible updates because that's what any community would prefer unless there is some critical flaw